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How Much Does A Wedding Planner Cost

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When you are looking to hire a wedding planner, there are three things that you need to take into consideration: cost, convenience and experience. You will pay some money, however, if you weigh time and stress savings, you may want to get a wedding planner to oversee your journey to the altar.

Ideally many bridal consultants will charge anywhere between 10 and 20 percent of the wedding, and many will work on an hourly basis. There are others who will give you a package rate where everything is included. Most wedding planners have at least three package prices which cover the day of the service, consulting and full –service planning. According to The Association of Bridal Consultants the average cost for a wedding consultant as of April 2015, is $2,491 with the cost of the wedding at $28,082. In terms of convenience and avoiding stress, you may or many not want to factor this cost into your overall bridal budget. Let’s talk about the convenience you will gain from hiring a wedding consultant.

With a bridal consultant or wedding planner, you get a wealth of experience and know-how all in one person. The wedding consultant knows all of the vendors in the area and based upon your wishes can set up meetings for cake tasting, floral arrangements, go over themes, coordinate schedules of all parties involved and the like. This takes the bulk of the day-to-day details off your plate, and you can rest easy knowing that a professional is handling it.

Reduction in stress is the next factor. When people plan their weddings, life can become a hectic merry-go-round with everyone trying to get into the act. Everything from racking of expenses, securing wedding locations and executing the themes and wedding designs all fall to the bride’s family. If you are working full-time, have a low tolerance for stress, or are not organized, you might want to consider a wedding planner.

Now that you know what a wedding planner can do for you and your wedding bliss, you will probably take a whole new look at cost versus convenience. A wedding planner can take care of the details of your wedding, coordinate schedules of all parties involved and reduce stress overall by dealing with all of the vendors and assorted others involved. So, budget a wedding planner into your wedding budget and take advantage of all they have to offer.

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