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Bride's or Groom's Name First on Party Favors

Posted by Janice Mayo on

When you are planning a wedding there is a lot more to worry about than just ordering your supplies and decorations.  Just like every step of the wedding, there are rules of etiquette on wording for the bride and groom's name.

So you may be wondering what name format to use on your party favors, wedding décor, invitations, etc.  Is it the Groom's name or the Bride's name first?  First and foremost, I must mention, it is your wedding and your day, so you can do whatever you want to.  However, tradition or custom states a particular order as to whose name goes first.

American custom or tradition states the name of the bride precedes the groom's name on any printed items.  So if you are known as "Brian and Sarah", your napkins in this case will be "Sarah and Brian", with Sarah obviously being the bride.  The same applies if you are using initials or a monogram. So again, you are S&B.  When adding names to party favors, supplies and decorations, in most cases, you will use first names only, no surnames needed.

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